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Dungeon Party is an easy-to-learn, raucous, play-anywhere, social role-playing game, where the rooms, monsters, and treasures are all on bar coasters. Players take turns bouncing a coin to "hit" the monsters, disarm traps, or avoid cursed rooms. Players work together to survive the dungeon and gather the most loot, but there can only be one winner!

Players will assemble a "Dungeon" by creating a stack of coasters where each encounter will include 3 coasters: a Room, a Monster, and a Treasure. They then adventure through the dungeon by battling through each room, defeating the monsters, and looting the treasure. Along the way, they may pick up magical treasures or spells that can help them in their quest. If they survive the dungeon, the player with the most treasure points wins. If they do not, the Dungeon wins. But either way, there will be laughs and maybe even a drink or two!


 Many thanks to the following cosplayers in our video and above photos: @hollytwolf @violetlovecos @leehowardartist @imemperiam @poisonneus @purrblind @vickybunnyangel

Check out these Preview videos to learn more about the game:

First Look: Flick Coins onto Coasters to Slay Monsters in Dungeon Party

Inspired by classic RPG adventures, Dungeon Party is a light, dexterity-based party game played with coasters and coins.

Currently on Kickstarter, Dungeon Party has an adjustable play time, as well as a variety of monsters, curses, traps, treasures, and heroes. We were recently given the opportunity to take a peek at the rules and components for this game and provide our first impressions.


Each player takes a hero coaster. These show your hit points, your hero's special ability, and the monster type they are most effective against. Players then select a dungeon coaster which gives both the back-story of the dungeon, how many rooms are included, and the level of the rooms and monsters. Each room in the dungeon includes a room coaster, a treasure coaster, and a monster coaster.

At the start of each round, you begin by revealing the next room coaster of the dungeon. Different room tiles can have different special effects or rules in play while players are battling the monster in that room. Next the monster coaster is revealed.

Players then take turns bouncing a coin on the table, attempting to land it at least halfway on the monster coaster. If it lands, the monster takes damage based on the hero attacking it and any special effects that might be affecting the attack. If the player misses, his hero takes damage based on that specific monster's attack value. If a hero's health ever hits zero, he is considered knocked out for the rest of the battle with that monster (once the fight is over, all players’ hit points are fully restored). Players keep taking turns bouncing the coin until either all heroes are knocked out (in which case the players lose the game) or the monster reaches zero health and is defeated.

The player who delivers the killing blow on a monster earns that room's treasure; he may choose to pass it off to another player if he wishes. Treasure tokens may simply be valuable items worth more points at the end of the game, or special items or spells, which can be used by different hero types. Each item is worth a certain number of gems and the player with the most gems at the end of the game wins — if the players manage to defeat every room in the dungeon.

First Impressions

Dungeon Party is a clever blend of dungeon crawler and party game. With a 30-90 minute play time (it varies based on the dungeon you choose to tackle) you can easily adapt the game to your group and setting. There is also a wide variety of monsters, treasures, and rooms, and even a fair number of heroes to choose from, to ensure plenty of variety.

The game is also flexible for player age. Yes, the components are coasters, and there is a ‘drinking game’ style variation suggested in the rulebook, but unlike other adult games the components themselves are appropriate for children and the core dexterity gameplay (the default version of the game) is totally accessible to players of all ages.

- (Description from Preview by Casual Game Revolution)

Three fantastic artists contributed to the final content for Dungeon Party. Matt Holmberg, Augie Pagan, and Rich Werner are all PopCap Games alumni, where they worked on projects like Plants vs. Zombies. Their talent and passion for projects with monsters is apparent once again in Dungeon Party.


World renowned fantasy artist, Jared Blando, is currently creating 10 art pieces exclusively for the Floating Eye Pledge Level. These unique coasters will all be Japanese-themed. There will be 3 Characters: Samurai, Ninja, and Monk; and 7 Monsters: Japanese Ogre, Dragon, Kappa, Sankai Demon, Jorogumo, Hyosube, and Kitsune.

We will be posting the new art as he completes it over the course of the campaign. Keep your eyes peeled here for new content as it becomes available.

First 6 (of 10) images sneak peek:


Glenn Drover was the founder and president of Eagle Games, Inc. from 2000 – 2006. During that time he ran the company while also designing and publishing several premium board games, including Railroad Tycoon, Age of Mythology, Conquest of the Empire 2, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Attack!, and others. In 2007 under his private Tropical Games label, Glenn also designed and published Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery, which enjoyed great commercial and critical success.

Glenn is currently President of Forbidden Games and has designed and published Victory and Glory: Napoleon, Railroad Rivals, Raccoon Tycoon, and Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates.

Jason Kapalka was a co-founder of PopCap Games, makers of video games such as Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies. He's also the owner of the Storm Crow chain of 'nerd bars,' including the Storm Crow Tavern and Alehouse in Vancouver and the Storm Crow Manor in Toronto.

Jason is also the co-founder of Forbidden Games along with Glenn Drover.


Matt Holmberg has been writing artist bios in the third person since the nineties. He has also been doing art for board/dice and video games since then as well, starting with Magi-Nation and continuing on to a career in casual video games. An avid DnD player and DM, he was very excited to work on this game as it was an oppurtunity to draw some of his all time favorite baddies. Currently he lives in Seattle and is sustained by a round the clock diet of dice rolling and hot dogs.

Augie Pagan is a freelance artist who enjoyed working in the video game industry for the past two decades. Shortly after graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle, Augie worked at such companies as Humongous Entertainment, Suckerpunch Productions and Popcap/EA. Some of the titles he worked on include the Sly Cooper trilogy as well as Plants vs Zombies. When he isn't freelancing you can find him working on traditional art for various pop culture art shows and galleries around the globe.

Rich Werner is an illustrator/animator based in Renton, Washington. For 20 years he has worked in the field of video games as an artist. Rich has worked on many titles in the past such as Harry Potter, Shrek, Lemony Snicket, Peggle2 and Bejeweled 2, etc. His greatest accomplishment was creating all the art and animation for the hit game Plants vs Zombies. Most recently he released the game Octogeddon on Steam and Nintendo Switch where he was the solo artist/animator. He also recently began teaching at Digipen School of Technology in the field of Animation and Production. In his free time, he does commission work and loves to paint and draw. His favorite medium is acrylic.

Jared Blando is a professional freelance cartographer and conceptual artist who works in the RPG, book, and gaming industry. Though he is best known for his RPG fantasy maps, he is also prominent in the board-game and publishing industry. He has a penchant for historical works and miniature gaming, as well as cats and pizza.


Jacoby O'Connor is a freelance graphic designer living in the far western suburbs of Chicago. He first started working on board game projects 20 years ago while working at a small agency where his first project was Glenn Drover’s American Civil War, followed by War! Age of Imperialism, Railroad Tycoon, Age of Mythology, Conquest of the Empire 2, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Attack!, Napoleon in Europe, and others. Since then he has been the graphic designer on many other titles such as North Star Games' hits Wits & Wagers, Say Anything, and Evolution. He is now the designer for all things Forbidden Games including Raccoon Tycoon, and Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!


Sean Brown has worked in the game industry for almost 14 years, half of them for Eagle Games as a salesmen, co-designer, graphic artist, marketing director, developer, and warehouse manager (many at the same time) and half of them for Mr. B. Games as the President. He has worked on Alien Uprising, Spurs, Realm of Heroes, Zothren Invasion, Posthuman, Days of Ire, Madness at Midnight, WarQuest, Liars Dice, Prospectus, Helionox, Hellenica, Panic, Aviation Tycoon, and Clockwork Kingdom as a designer, developer and/or graphic artist for Mr. B. Games as well as the following titles via graphic art, development or co-design work while at Eagle Games: Age of Steam, Age of Empires III, Attack Deluxe, Baltimore and Ohio, Brass, Defenders of the Realm and all of its expansions, Defenders Battlefields, Empires Builder Expansion, I'm the Boss TCG, Incan Gold, New England Railways, Pirate Dice, Railways of the World and all of its expansions, Roll through the Ages, Through the Ages, Tumblin' Dice, and Wizards Brew.


Forbidden Games has distributor and warehousing relationships worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, China, Australia, Europe, and the UK.


Forbidden Games is a board game developer/publisher founded by two veteran game designers and entrepreneurs: Jason Kapalka, a co-founder and chief game designer at PopCap, makers of video games such as Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants vs. Zombies, and Glenn Drover, the founder of Eagle Games and designer of numerous board games including the tabletop versions of Railroad Tycoon and Age of Empires III.

Available Rewards:

$59USD + Shipping

The Floating Eye

This Premium "All-In" Pledge (with Kickstarter Exclusives) includes the full set of Dungeon Party content, including all unlocked stretch goals except the Kickstarter-exclusive Hero Marker Set! That's 55 more coasters and 6 extra coins than The Happy Troll pledge!!


  • 15 x Character Coasters
  • 45 x Room Coasters
  • 40 x Monster Coasters
  • 40 x Treasure Coasters
  • 15 x Dungeon Coasters
  • 12 x Custom Coins
  • 10 x Exclusive Coasters by world-renowned fantasy artist Jared Blando
$19USD + Shipping

The Furious Orc

This value-priced base set comes with everything you need to play Dungeon Party (except the quarters!). To allow us to offer the value price for this pledge level, NO stretch goals are included.


  • 6 x Character Coasters
  • 15 x Room Coasters
  • 15 x Monster Coasters
  • 15 x Treasure Coasters
  • 5 x Dungeon Coasters

Please select a higher reward to access the premium editions of the game as add-ons.

$39USD + Shipping

The Happy Troll

This Premium Pledge (with Kickstarter Exclusives) comes with more content than The Furious Orc level - 54 more coasters and 6 custom coins! This level includes all unlocked stretch goals except the Kickstarter-exclusive Hero Marker Set.


  • 10 x Character Coasters
  • 30 x Room Coasters
  • 30 x Monster Coasters
  • 30 x Treasure Coasters
  • 10 x Dungeon Coasters
  • 6 x Custom Coins

Please select the $59 reward to access the Premium "All-In" Edition of the game as an add-on.

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